Ding Ding Goes The Trolley

We have a fairly large wedding party and then add in our parents and Carmelo's Nona, it was hard for us to find transportation at a great cost.  I couldn't justify spending over $1,000 on something we use for a couple hours.  So after some research we found a TROLLEY!  I LOVE TROLLEYS and didn't know they had them in CT!
Soooo...the Girls will be picked up at the Inn and taken to the Church in the Trolley.  After the ceremony the Wedding Party and Family members will be transported to St. Clements Castle for pictures and cocktail hour.  I can't wait to see Nona in the trolley!  She's gonna love it!

Safety First

Since we want our guests to be comfortable and enjoy themselves (well really we want them to enjoy the open bar) we have arranged a shuttle service that will pick guests up at the Inn after the ceremony and bring them to St. Clements then back to the Inn after the reception has ended.


We saw these horses at a wedding show and my mom had her heart set on getting them...even if not for the bride she thought it would be fun for the guests to be able to take rides during cocktail hour.  We have since put this idea on the back burner.  Not sure horse rides for the guests is going to fit into the budget.  These horses are from Allegra Farm in CT.